Meet the Team - Diya Elshafie

 Diya Elshafie, CMA

Position: Senior Manager

Company: KPMG LLP

Board Position: VP of Events


1. You are originally from Egypt. How did you come to be in the UK? 

I am originally from Egypt. When I started my career in consulting I have start travelling and living in different countries, I spend around two years working in North Africa (Algeria, Morocco)  then decided to migrate to Australia and lived in Sydney around 8 years, my role included looking after APAC region so done fair bit of work travelling to New Zealand, India, Singapore etc.. Then finally my company asked me if I am happy to fill a vacant role in UK, and I accepted and moved to the UK around 5 years ago. 


2. What motivated you to volunteer your skills to be a chapter board member? 

I do things that I really care about so I want to make time to help my IMA community. I think it offers me the chance to give something back to my community or make a difference to the people in the UK chapter. 


3. How do you balance your day job with your responsibilities as a chapter board member? 

I have always have a full time job, and managed to study and do volunteer work. I am used to working on tight engagements timelines, which enabled me to have good time management, in my busy schedule I have a fixed amount of time each week where I serve the IMA chapter. 


4. Can IMA members contact you for advice or guidance? What are the skills where you have particular depth? 

I am willing to help any IMA members with their queries, and happy to provide coaching or mentoring to members. My area of expertise is Finance transformation and ERP. 


5. Is it hard work running an IMA chapter? Did you bring management/directing skills you already had? Do you also benefit from the experience? 

I think running the UK IMA chapter is a hard job, specially balancing between a high demanding job in management consulting and my role at IMA chapter. I do really benefit from my strong management and leadership skills I have acquired throughout my career. 


6. How can the IMA support its members in the UK workplace? 

I think working to build the IMA branding in the UK is a very important step, and getting employers to recognise the accreditation. It can be also helpful if IMA provides industry/sector insights on the current trends and emerging local issues. 


7. Would you recommend volunteering? Do you find it satisfying/motivating/hard work/stimulating/challenging/big responsibility/opportunity to network/build your own brand/good for self-esteem/good for resume/a learning experience? 

I do highly recommend volunteering, as engaging in a community service provides a great opportunity to become an active member of your community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. It can also benefit you providing a chance to make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills. It can also be a great way to boost your career prospects as it helps you create a positive impression, makes you more innovative, creative and gives you a range of useful skills.