Meet the Team - Akram Ayyubi


Meet the Team - Akram Ayyubi 

What motivated you to volunteer your skills to be a chapter board member?

I have been in the Finance Industry for a long time and it is a great opportunity to give back to the industry that has given me so much. I want to serve on the UK Chapter board because I want to input to our future. I want to be active and involved. I want to serve because representing the voice of our members empowers all of us to make a difference.


How do you balance your day job with your responsibilities as a chapter board member?

I like to get busy. Working on the UK chapter board activities for a few evenings would fill my time.


Can IMA members contact you for advice or guidance? What are the skills where you have particular depth?

I would love to hear and help other members. I would also ask other members to enrol themselves as both mentor and mentee on IMA.


Is it hard work running an IMA chapter? Did you bring management/directing skills you already had? Do you also benefit from the experience?

This is my first role in any IMA Chapter or council so it is difficult to say now but volunteering is always a responsibility that needed significant attention. In return I will get experience of working on the board and sharpen my leadership skills.


How can the IMA support its members in the UK workplace?

Creating a space for IMA in UK is challenging. Creating awareness in UK market through academic collaboration will help the existing members.


Would you recommend volunteering? Do you find it satisfying/motivating/hard work/stimulating/challenging/big responsibility/opportunity to network/build your own brand/good for self-esteem/good for resume/a learning experience?

I definitely recommend volunteering. One should always get attached to the community they are living in. The remuneration is in the form of better networking, high self-esteem, better management/leadership skills and self-satisfaction.