Meet the Team - Ahmad Alajdad

Ahmad Alajdad, CMA

Position: Recent Graduate (Msc)

Board Position: Treasurer


1. You are originally from Syria. How did you come to be in the UK?

Yes I am Syrian in origins. I was among the lucky ones who were selected to be sponsored by Said Foundation, which operates in the UK, in order to study a postgraduate degree in one of the UK universities.

2. What motivated you to volunteer your skills to be a chapter board member?

I truly believe that volunteering can empower the active citizenship values that lead to deliver tremendous service to all humanity. However, volunteering as a board member offers me a precious opportunity to integrate with both, the board members and the UK members, in order raise the awareness of the CMA qualification in the UK job market. Furthermore, I will have a great chance to develop my communication and leadership skills.

3. How do you balance your day job with your responsibilities as a chapter board member?

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot" Michael Altshuler. There is always time to be allocated to my daily job as well as the responsibilities arising from being part of the chapter board. It is challenging that the work load could not be persistent over year, but it can be handled by a proper time management skills.

4. Can IMA members contact you for advice or guidance? What are the skills where you have particular depth?

With pleasure! I know a great deal about Accounting, financial analysis and reporting standards as well as management accounting.

5. Is it hard work running an IMA chapter? Did you bring management/directing skills you already had? Do you also benefit from the experience?

Given that the UK chapter is newly founded, I think it would be demanding job to bring it to light. With collaborating with the other board members who own the practical experience gained from running other chapters, I hope it would be eased. I am grateful for having the chance to develop my management skills through my current role.

6. How can the IMA support its members in the UK workplace?

I hope that the UK chapter would be able to hold events with wide knowledge speakers in order to help the members to increase their exposure about many important topics in finance and accounting, as well as increasing the recognition of the CMA qualification in the UK.

7. Would you recommend volunteering? Do you find it satisfying/motivating/hard work/stimulating/challenging/big responsibility/opportunity to network/build your own brand/good for self-esteem/good for resume/a learning experience?

I would definitely recommend volunteering especially when knowing that my former volunteering experience was a crucial factor enabled me to win my master scholarship. I expect it to be challenging and need a very hard work, however it is inevitably a valuable opportunity to expand my experience and widen my professional network in the UK.