About Us

The UK Chapter is created to support the IMA members in the UK.

To give you a little bit of history about the UK chapter, the chapter has been in creation since 2014. Many meetings and discussions took place to understand what you as members want as well as how to add value to the profession in the UK. Below is the Chapter timeline where I thought it would be interesting to share with you: 

Late 2016: IMA sent a call for Board member nominations, interested UK members submitted their profiles for Board roles and online voting took place. 

October 2016: Official Founding Board was announced based on IMA UK members’ votes.  

February 2017: Official inauguration event in Hilton Hyde Park, the full day conference included the UK Chapter charter ceremony as well as four guest speakers from IMA, BDO and Jaguar Land Rover who are highlighted in the "Speakers line-up" article in this newsletter 


In the inauguration event the Board pledged to “start strong, stay strong and finish the year strong”, the Board also committed itself to an activity/month and we made sure to deliver in FY16/17 and will continue in 17/18 – Thank you for supporting us and please do let us know your thoughts! 

We would love to hear more about your thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to email us on ima.uk@outlook.com  



Chapter Strategy


The aim of the UK Chapter is to expand the vision of accounting to a Strategic Finance awareness and business support, to empower members with global perspective, and to expand global IMA services to local members. 


It is our vision to enhance the status of the IMA as a respected authority in the UK by supporting our members and financial professionals in business.

UK Chapter Customers

  • IMA members (certified, non-certified and candidates)
  • Students (finance & accounting)
  • Businesses (educational, companies, employers and media)
  • Standards authorities (I.e. IFRS, etc.)


To achieve vision, UK chapter endeavour to:

  • Enhance the strategic finance profession in the UK and develop it through providing a global perspective
  • Support members’ career development through access to an active professional community, continuing education, valuable information, and resources
  • Support members and their organisations in driving business performance by promoting the highest ethical standards for internal financial management practices