Meet the Team - Chris Allen

Chris Allen

Position: Management Accountant

Company: LumiraDx Care Solutions UK Ltd

Board Position: President


1. What motivated you to volunteer your skills to be a chapter board member? 

I studied for the CMA quite late in life; the topics were so relevant to my work experience I started to apply them and discuss them straight away. That led to attending chapter meetings, offering to speak, and so on. I find when you are enthusiastic you get more and more involved 


2. How do you balance your day job with your responsibilities as a chapter board member? 

We arrange things considering each other’s timetables and priorities. To be honest, yes, that does involve evening work sometimes! 


3. Can IMA members contact you for advice or guidance? What are the skills where you have particular depth? 

Sure! Finance, IT, software development, ERP systems, mobile, ecommerce, business intelligence. Above all, I have a lot of experience in change programmes and wide programmes of projects. 


4. Is it hard work running an IMA chapter? Did you bring management/directing skills you already had? Do you also benefit from the experience? 

Certainly, I think all the board members do. It is quite a responsibility; we have to think ahead as directors to make sure we set up a sound framework for a professional chapter 


5. How can the IMA support its members in the UK workplace? 

Networking, training, advice, career discussions, events, professional support, ethics guidance.  


6. Would you recommend volunteering? Do you find it satisfying/motivating/hard work/stimulating/challenging/big responsibility/opportunity to network/build your own brand/good for self-esteem/good for resume/a learning experience? 

I certainly would! If you are interested in volunteering or speaking yourself, let us know!