Meet the Team - Fatema El-Wakeel


Fatema El-Wakeel, CMA, MBA

Position: Senior Finance Leader 

Company: Jaguar Land Rover 

Board Position: UK Chapter Elected Founding President  2017-2018. Now serving on the board as past president.


1. When did you join IMA and become a CMA? 

My IMA journey goes back to 2005, I started self-studying end of 2005 and became fully certified in 2009. Did my certification when it was four parts and the fourth was a comprehensive written exam that covers four parts.

2. What IMA Volunteering Roles have your held? 

UK Chapter – Founder and Elected President, IMA Diversity and Inclusion Committee member and Cairo Chapter – Founder and Past-President 

3. You held several volunteering roles and been awarded the IMA Distinguished Member Award, what motivates you to continue volunteering with IMA? 

As professionals, we have a role to play in supporting our profession and raising the Strategic Finance awareness. Sharing knowledge, experience as well as developing the profession especially with the pace the world is moving with and the digital transformation is essential, I do believe that the IMA is giving us the right platform to do that.  

4. How has volunteering with IMA affected your life and career? 

Being the founder and past-president of a Chapter as big as Cairo Chapter at a very young age enabled me to gain a lot of leadership, communication and other essential skills for my career progression. Having said that, the IMA also introduces me to many members across the world where we exchange thoughts and experience; it is like gaining international experience in different countries without actually living in those countries or working in those sectors.  

5. Being the Founding president is a challenging role, what motivated you to volunteer for that role and create a UK Chapter?  

Having served as board member in different non-profit organisations in both UK and Egypt, when volunteering to the role I believed that my diverse experience could bring a lot to the chapter in terms of mind-set as well as services provided to members and profession.  

Cairo Chapter was booming and providing great support to the members as well as Finance profession when I moved from Egypt to UK, having a UK Chapter that delivers such value to the profession and community here became a dream. That dream became true in October 2016 when the great Board was officially announced and I had the chance to be joined by passionate Board members where it is a privilege to be working with them. 

Our mission as a Board is to empower members and add value to the strategic finance and management accounting profession in UK through providing a global perspective as highlighted in our inauguration event. 

6. How would you describe you professional experience in a short paragraph? 

More than ten years of experience in strategy development and financial management, big data and analytics as well as being involved in organisation restructuring. My experience includes working in both multinationals and public sectors across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Industry background includes Consulting, Automotive, IT and others. 

7. Would it be ok for IMA members contact you?  

Definitely, I would love to hear from other members. They can send emails to IMA UK Chapter which will be forwarded to me directly.