A word from the President

Hello IMAs in the UK and around the world, 

This is another special newsletter for the Chapter, it marks a year since our chartership in 2017!

In February 2017 the UK Chapter had its official inauguration event in Hilton Hyde Park, the full day conference included the UK Chapter charter ceremony as well as four guest speakers from IMA, BDO and Jaguar Land Rover.   

We are having this newsletter as a connection with you as our members building on our January event “A dialogue with members”. Each of the Board members will be answering one of the questions that we either received or an information that we think would be important to communicate.

The Chapter will have its special annual face-to-face event in London next month, so please hold your diaries on 24th March.

I would love to hear more about your thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to email me on ima.uk@outlook.com   

Looking forward to meeting you in person in March face-to-face annual event, 


Fatema El-Wakeel, CMA, MBA   

IMA UK Chapter Founding President